Ridge and Valley Rides: Madison

If you host a bicycling event or tour, challenge or charity, we are interested in providing you with the best maps and cue sheets for your participants. Contact us at Eagle Eye Maps.

Easy method for copying a map and cue sheet from the atlas on your copier or multifunction printer:

1) Place map page face down on platen (glass).
2) In the paper feed, mark a small “x” on any corner of the face-up top sheet.
3) Copy the map. (If you have the perfect-bound edition, you will need to press down somewhat to get the area along the binding to copy clearly – don’t try to flatten the book because you may damage the binding.) If an inkjet printer, let the copy dry for about half a minute.
4) Place the corresponding cue sheet page face down on platen.
5) Take map copy and place it back in the paper feed so the “x” is face down.(You may have to experiment to get the right rotation so that the map and cue sheet have a common top edge, if you care.)
6) Copy the cue sheet. Voilà, you have a two-sided map/cue to take on the road.

If you have access to a laser printer or a standard photocopier, your copies will fare better if they get wet (from rain or sweat) than copies made from an inkjet or multifunction printer.