Ridge and Valley Rides: Madison (first edition [2011] only)

It’s time for the first (but probably not the last) round of corrections to the Madison bike atlas. Anything else you find, please contact Francis at

The biggest fix is a new version of the Paoli Area rides (32), as somehow older versions of the cue sheets made it into the book. Not real pleased about that! The maps were right. However, the “wrong” cues would still get you back to where you started, just different from the map. Apologies!

To make amends, please download the new Paoli Area rides Paoli Area Corrections (1699). And it’s kind of a freebie for those who don’t have the book (yet).

On Belleville to Monticello (1), there were erroneous turns on the longer route: lines 18, 19, and 20 should be L (not R).

There are a few little fixes of typos and bad punctuation.

In the Trails section on page 6, under the Glacial Drumlin Trail, added a link to, a helpful and informative website.

On the Hideous Highlands (4) page, the Insane Terrain event has unfortunately been retired by the Viking Biking Club. Please visit their website for info on their other rides.